Marianne Cutler

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Matt Coward in his role as Administrator for the highly regarded Cambridge Primary Review Trust for 18 months until the closure of the Trust in March 2017. Matt’s role and responsibilities with the Trust were many and varied, and included website design, content management, creative design of a range of promotional materials as well as event management, including the highly successful 10 year celebratory national conference ‘Primary Education: what is and might be’ for the Trust. His willingness to take on new challenges and go beyond his brief were most appreciated. Matt is perceptive, personable and highly professional at all times. He has been a real pleasure to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending Matt.

Marianne Cutler
Director: Curriculum Innovation

Association for Science Education (ASE).


Professor Teresa Cremin

I have known Mr Coward for over two years in his role as the Cambridge Primary Review Trust’s administrator. As one of the five Directors of the Trust, I worked closely with Matt and was impressed from the outset by his efficiency and professional attitude to his work. Mr Coward frequently took the initiative, making suggestions to solve problems and kept all appropriated Directors well- informed as to the outcomes of pieces of work.

In addition, and significantly he quickly developed professional relationships with the many stakeholders involved in the charity – with senior academics, journalists, senior leaders of Academy chains and those involved in leading myriad other organisations. Mr Coward was always prepared to go the extra mile, and showed particular skill in handling difficult situations and difficult people as well as in organising events- whether these were focused Board meetings or large national conferences. His attention to detail in all these contexts was excellent and he could be relied upon utterly to plan carefully and thoughtfully and follow through.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Coward as a very hard worker, a reliable team player and an efficient and intelligent administrator. CPRT is indebted to him.

Teresa Cremin
Professor of Education (Literacy)
The Open University, UK.